A little about myself

I have been an artist all of my life. They tell me I begged people to draw horses when I was 2. Once I was able to hold and maniulate the pencil myself I started drawing my own horses. I was always the "artist" in my grade growing up. I really didn't know what to do after graduation so I decided to follow my art talents and enroll in the graphic design program at Iowa State University. I was in that program for 3 years before changing my major and diverting my attentions away from art.

My dream was to own a business that I could work out of my home as our kids (3 beautiful girls, 10,14,17) were growing up. I now sell my art, mostly on-line and through a few galleries and have been home with the kids for 17 years now. It definitely has not been a cake walk. There were many years I barely touched my art. Now that they are older I can spend more time painting but it is still a constant struggle juggling family/business/home. But I wouldn't have it any other way...well, if I could have it another way..I would be selling enough art so my husband can do what he has always dreamed of...farming full time. He is a great guy, a huge support for me, and he deserves to see his dreams come true too.

I married my husband in 1987 and in 2 years was expecting our first child. It was then I decided to give this art thing a try. I started by offering portraits of houses and pets in watercolor from photographs provided by the buyer. I had got some orders by going to craft shows. It was good practice but was only the beginning...

Over the next 9 years between having babies and moving three times I managed to keep plugging away at my art. Some years I barely painted and others I manage to feel like I could make it as an artist. All this time I was working on the kitchen table. I didn't have any place to store materials and keep organized. Needless to say by the time my 3rd baby was here life was quite chaotic. I don't know how I got things accomplished in those days but feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to stay home with the kids as they are growing up.

My kids have been in school full time for the last 4 years now and I have been devoting more time to being a full-time artist. I now have a HUGE studio in a building 3 blocks away. Life is good.

I hope to continue to expand sales via my websites. I have gone to a few art shows but don't like the traveling, setting up and selling. I usually end up goofing around with the other artists and miss the opportunity to talk to the public. I am in a few smaller galleries in Iowa. They are the Old Alley Gallery in Carroll, Arts on Grand in Spencer and the Octagon in Ames (I need to get more work there) I would like to find a few more galleries in this year as well as submit art to national shows.

Now that you know a little more about me I hope you don't hestiate to contact me if you have a comment, suggestion or question!