Sept 20 Lake Light Moon Stars Beach Texture Original Painting

SOLD! Check out my new painting 8x10, "Nightlight Sail". It comes with a black frame, free shipping, and lots of serenity and spiritual quality.

Sept 14 Night Sail Ocean Beach Original Painting a Day Framed with Texture

SOLD! Todays painting features a nighttime sailboat scene. The sky is full of stars and a big bright moon. I also painted this with a "found frame" which will come ready to hang.

Sept 6 Modern Original Art Sailboat Texture Light Minimalist and Modern

Today painting is for an original acrylic and enamel mixed media painting featuring a nighttime lake scene with a sailboat and starry night. If you would like to read more about the painting or find more of my art for sale then Please Click Here

Sept 5 Nighttime Lake Original Painting Framed 11x13 Free Ship

SOLD! Check out my dramatic original painting using a new technique of combining my traditional painting with enamel spray paint! This painting comes framed with a nice black frame, ready to hang. What a great gift idea. To check out my listing on ebay Please Click Here

Sept 4 Nighttime Beach Seagull Original Painting Seascape Framed

Todays painting is for a dramatic original painting featuring a seascape at night. Check out the lone seagull and free frame! Please Click Here

Sept 3 Sunset Farm Textured Landscape Modern Original Painting by Toni Grote

SOLD! Todays painting is for an original acrylic on masonite and included is a FREE black frame, which makes the outside dimension 11x13! I have been experimenting with new techniques and am excited to show you what I have been doing! To see or purchase this painting called "Autumn Light" then Please Click Here

Sept 3 Modern Tonalist Original Painting Framed Moody Lovely

Todays painting is for an original painting with lots of mood, texture and color. The original is 8x10 and comes with a "found frame" that I attached while painting, which makes the outside dimensions about 10x12. I have been experimenting with a new technique and am really excited to start showing you my new work! I have this painting for auction/sale on Ebay:  Please Click Here