Sept 30 SALE! Only $100 16x20 Plus Shipping Nighttime Beach Lake Starry Landscape Toni Grote

I am listing some 16x20 paintings on masonite at only $100 plus shipping. I need to thin out my inventory. This is a great opportunity to get a spectacular painting for your wall at a special price. To purchase you can contact me directly or purchase it off Ebay. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have questions.

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Sept 29 SALE! Original Art Painting 16x20 Seascape Beach ONLY $100 "Soulful Night"

SOLD! I am running some sales on my 16x20 paintings to clear some inventory for only $100 plus shipping! This painting is called "Soulful Night" and is an original acrylic with texture and light. I paint on masonite so this one will require you to purchase a frame to hang. You can purchase through Ebay or contact me privately. To purchase off of Ebay Please Click Here

Sept 28 SALE! Only $100 plus shipping Original Acrylic on Masonite Seascape Ocean Beach Serene Beautiful

Hello! I will be putting some 16x20 paintings on sale for only $100. My inventory needs to be slimmed down so here is your chance to purchase some original art created by me for great prices. How about an early Christmas present for yourself or someone else? This painting called "Lonesome Beach" and is painted on masonite meaning it will need to be framed by yourself. To purchase from Ebay, you can click here: My Ebay Store

If you would like to purchase directly, just let me know.