June 27 Beach Original Painting Miniature Clouds Seagulls Person on Beach w Sailboats

"Seashore Walk" Todays painting is for a miniature original acrylic on wood panel 4"x4"x1/2". I have it listed on an ebay auction starting at only $19.95. To bid or find more art for sale then http://www.ebay.com/itm/310696444515?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649


June 27 Auction starting at only $19.95 Original Acrylic Painting on Masonite Beautiful Ocean Beach

SOLD! Todays painting is for a beautiful original acrylic on Masonite ready for your standard 8x10 frame. It is called "Peaceful Beach" and features a serene seascape with a person and a sailboat. I will be starting this painting at only $19.95.

June 26 "Beach Walk" on Auction Starting at only $19.95 Original Acrylic on Masonite Person

SOLD! Todays post is for a second painting in this beach series that is on auction starting at only $19.95. This is a serene original acrylic 8x10 ready for your frame. If you would like an original gift for someone someday, then consider this!

June 24 Serene Beach Ocean Lake Seascape Ebay Auction Starting at only $19.95!

SOLD! Check out the painting I have listed for sale on auction on Ebay with an opening bid of only $19.95! This is a beautiful 8x10 on masonite ready for your frame. I love the serene colors and check out the little person on the beach, is that you?

June 23 Rich Dramatic Original Painting Person on Beach w Lake or Ocean. Starting at only 19.95!

SOLD! I always love the rich blue nightscapes that I paint. This is an 8x10 original acrylic on Masonite ready for your 8x10 frame. Check out the person on the beach.

June 23 Miniature 4"x4" Original Painting Featuring a Stormy Farm Scene on Auction Starting At only $19.95

SOLD! I am listing a miniature painting on Ebay auction starting at only $19.95 called "Spring Storm". This dramatic painting features a stormy farm landscape and red barn. This is a 4x4 original acrylic that can be set on a shelf. The depth is 1/2" and is a perfect gift for family or yourself!

June 22 Miniature Farm Morning Landscape with Pasture Black Angus Cows Starting Bid only $19.95 on Ebay

SOLD! I am posting another of my miniature paintings that I have listed on Ebay starting at $19.95. This original acrylic painting is 4x4x 1/2" painted on wood panel and would sit nicely on a shelf. I love the serene feel of this morning pasture scene with angus cows.

June 22 Nighttime Person on Beach Miniature Painting 4x4 Starting on auction 19.95!

SOLD! Todays painting is for a small original acrylic painting 4"x4" featuring a starry night and lone person on the beach. This would be a great gift for yourself or a loved one! I have a batch of smaller paintings starting on auction on Ebay for only $19.95. (Keep in mind the picture on the listing page of Ebay is bigger than the actual painting)

June 20 Original Acrylic on Masonite Landscape Featuring a Pasture with Black Cows Starting Bid $19.95 Ebay

 SOLD! Todays original painting is for a 5x7 original acrylic painting on masonite ready for your 5x7 frame. The painting features a peaceful pasture with black angus cows in a dandelion field.

June 20 Dramatic Sunset Sunrise Original Acrylic Painting w Texture only $19.95 starting bid on Ebay!

SOLD! I have some paintings listed on auction starting at only $19.95! This painting is an original acrylic on masonite ready for your 5x7 frame. This is a painting with a lot of texture for touching and color dramatize any space.

June 18 Ebay Auction! $19.95 Starting Bid 5x7 Original Acrylic Painting Featuring a Dramatic Pasture Landscape and Cows

SOLD! Weeee! I am going to start selling on Ebay again (It has been a while). I thought I would start by offering some smaller paintings on auction with opening bids of $19.95. Right now I have about 10 to post, 2 tonight and the rest the next nights. Check them out. They make wonderful gifts or are perfect ORIGINAL paintings for that little spot that needs something!