Sept 29 Daily Painting Abstract Landscape Barn

Today's listing is for a 16x20 acrylic painting on canvas of an abstract landscape featuring a distant red barn. Landscapes are a new passion I have been working on. I have found that adding texture to the canvas create new possibilites in adding interest and depth. I will be offering more landscapes, large and small in the future. I will be adding smaller paintings to my painting a day blog and adding the larger paintings to my ebay store and other auctions. If you click on the link below, that will take you to my auction for this painting. You will see close to the top on the right a link to "list" my other paintings and a link to go to my ebay store.


Sept 28 Daily Painting Yellow ware Bowl Red Apples and Rolling Pin

I finally got my camera working again today! It is frustrating when the tools you rely on wear out and break.

Todays listing is for a 16x20 acrylic painting of one of my old yelloware mixing bowls, red delicious apples and a red handled rolling pin. I love the movement of the composition and warm friendly colors.


Sept 27 Floral Bouquet Oil 8x10

Today's painting is for a traditional floral arrangement. It is 8x10, painted with oils on gessoed masonite. This is one of the first oil paintings I have done. I am working on some small pieces with lots of texture so watch for them next week.


Sept 25 Daily Painting Red Pear 16x20

Today's listing is for a vibrant red pear acrylic painting. I used a lot of texture on the background for added interest and depth. The photos don't do it justice. Please click on the link below if you would like to bid, read more about the painting and/or see closeup pics.

I briefly had an apple painting listed but realized I may have varnished it too soon. I replaced it with this painting. I want to make sure the painting wasn't damaged before selling it. I will list it in the far future if it turns out to be ok.


Sept 24 Daily Painting Belgian Draft Horse 8x10

Todays painting is an original 8x10 oil painting of a belgian draft horse. I have always drawn/painted horses, they were my first love! I painted this with energetic brush strokes and thick paint.

Sept 21 Painting a Day Hereford Cows Calf Cattle

Today's painting features one of my favorite subject...cows! I saw this cow and calf in a pasture and had to paint them. It is beautiful this time of year in Iowa with all of the colors and cattle in the pastures. The painting is an oil, 8x10 and painted on gessoed masonite. My regular camera died on me so I have to list with my other camera. I don't like the quality of the pics as much. Hopefully I will be back in business with the awesome pics by end of next week.


Sept 20 Still Life Pears Apples Daily Painting

Today's painting has all the flavor of fall. Autumn is beautiful here in Iowa with the beans turning from green to yellow to eventually a rusty red. The corn is starting to dry up faster than usual around here since we had a small drought in June and July. I cherish fall since winters here in Iowa can be nasty. This painting is an oil and painted on 11x14 on 1.5" deep gallery wrap canvas. Click here to see a close up pic, bid, or want to know more details. Have a great day!


Sept 19 2006 Daily Painting Hydrangeas Pears Vintage Ceiling Tin Framed

SOLD The listing today is for one of my orignal acrylic painting of hydrangeas and pears on a piece of my antique ceiling tin. This comes in a custom made oak frame (my brother is a professional furniture/cabinet maker and he makes the frames for me). It's outside edges measure approximately 15.5x15.5. FYI: I am really excited to tell you that I have been painting some gorgeous landscapes, so keep checking back for them. I will definitely list one in the next 4 days. Have a GREAT day!

Sept 18 Daily Painting Toni Grote Minimalist Farm Art Tractor

Today's listing is for one of my minimalist paintings featuring a green John Deere tractor and farmer, probably heading home for dinner. The painting is acrylic, 16x20 on canvas and varnished for protection. Thanks for looking!


Sept 16 Painting a Day Impressionistic Rooster

Today's listing is for a bright, fun oil painting of a rooster. I used lots of thick paint and impressionistic brushstrokes. This painting is 5x7 oil on masonite.


Sept 13 Painting a Day Folk Art Farmer & Holstein Calf

This painting is a fun folk art original acryic painting of a farmer and his holstein calf. It is 10x20 and painted on canvas. This is an experimental style. I don't have a lot of paintings available in this style but if there is a lot of interest then I may paint more.


Sept 12 Painting a Day Pear painted on old Tin

SOLD!If you would like to purchase this painting without going through ebay, please contact me. Thanks!

I am challenging myself to listing a painting a day! Some may be large, some maybe small. I have several styles and mediums that I work with so my postings will be a variety of subject matters. Let me know what your favorite is!

This first entry is an acrylic pear painted on some antique ceiling tin. I have alot of this tin and love painting on it. Even though each piece is an original painting I have a limited supply of tin. So I will be treating these as a "limited editions". This painting is 13/1000. As you can see I have a lot of tin, so I hope you like them LOL! I have just started selling them so if you are interested in collecting them, I will definitely have more available in the future.

They truely are an original one-of-a-kind piece of art and look stunning once hung on a wall.

Art Accepted/ For Sale at the Draft Horse Classic

I am pleased to announce that my painting "Sunup to Sundown" will be on exhibit/for sale at the Art at the Classic, Draft Horse Classic, in Grass Valley California Sept. 21-24. The painting is 18x24 acrylic on canvas.

Judy Vargas, an acclaimed horse sculptor and director of the show, says she has seen it become one of the most prestigious western art shows in the nation.

Painting Accepted into the Prestigious American Academy of Equine Art!

I am thrilled to announce that my painting "Old Timers" was accepted into the AAEA's Fall Open Juried Exhibition and Sale!

According to AAEA Executive Director, Shelley Hunter, "We recieved over 500 entries from 43 states and four foreign countries, England, Canada, Ireland and Spain. We accepted 47 paintings and 16 sculptures".

Here is my painting. It is not for sale at this moment. I am waiting to see if there is interest in prints before selling it. 16x20 Acrylic on canvas.

I live in Iowa and am sentimental about the old ways of farming going by the wayside. Even though I was born in the era of tractors and combines I still love the draft horses and can't imagine farming with real horsepower!

Here is the link to more awesome equine art and info about the Juried Exhibition: