Dec 24 Happy Holidays! May God Bless You and Your Family!

The power is still on but I am not sure for how long. Once the winds start whipping and we get our 12'-25' (what??) inches of expected snow I am sure we will lose power.

Oh well, we have a fireplace, wine, games and lanterns in place. It may be a fun and memorable time!

I want to wish my oldest daughter a Happy 20th Birthday!! How can that happen since I am only 30?? LOL (I think I am a little older than that). May all of you keep warm and safe this blessed time of the year!

Dec 22 Tornado Original Painting for Napa Valley Winery

SOLD! This is another painting I have done for the Regan Winery in Napa Valley CA. Check out their website, see the link on yesterdays post.
We are getting prepared for another nasty winter storm and we have a good chance of getting ice. All our Christmas plans have changed, I just hope the power stays on. Thank you to all those who work so hard to keep our roads safe and power on!

Dec 21 "Lucky Tornado" Regan Wines Original Painting for Wine Labels

SOLD! I have been working on a fun project for Regan Wines, a boutique winery in Napa Valley, CA. Over the next 3 nights I thought I would share some pics of paintings they will be using for wine labels for their new wine "Lucky Tornado". Please check out their website:

Dec 20 8x24 Nighttime Farm White Barn Landscape

SOLD! Todays original acrylic painting is for a unique nighttime farm scene with a white house and barn. The size is 8x24 painted on canvas, ready to hang.

Dec 17 Seascape w Lone Person on Beach Clouds and Texture

SOLD! "Soulful Site" is the name of this original acrylic on wood panel, 8x8. Check out the larger pics to see the lone person on the beach. This would make a great gift! Only $65 for a one of a kind painting and that includes shipping. This is also ready to hang with the sides painted black, no extra cost for framing

Dec 16 Original Spiritual Painting Landscape

SOLD! Todays painting is for a heavenly original acrylic I call "Shining Light". This is a 10x10 on wood panel with cradled sides.

Dec 15 Minimalist Abstract Nighttime Painting w Lots of Texture

SOLD! Todays painting is for a moody original acrylic on wood panel 10x10, no frame necessary, ready to hang.

Dec 14 Red Barn Farm Landscape Nighttime

SOLD! Todays painting is for a pretty nighttime landscape featuring a red barn and it's reflection. This is an original acrylic on wood panel, no frame necessary.

Dec 13 Serene Landscape w Sailboat Beach & Texture

SOLD! Todays painting is for a 10x10 original acrylic on wood panel. I live the simplicity and quietness of this piece and I call it "Sunday Sail".

Dec 10 Stormy Farm Field Landscape Original Painting

SOLD! Todays painting is for an original acrylic on a piece of my antique ceiling tin. It is called "Storm Front".

Dec 9 "Light of Hope" Original Acrylic Landscape on Tin

Wow, what a blizzard we had but are lucky the lights stayed on and we all stayed warm.

Todays painting is an original acrylic on a piece of vintage ceiling tin. I left the original finish on the edges, it is so beautiful and unique. It also comes framed and ready to hang. If you would like to see larger pics or purchase then please click here.

Dec 7 Serene Winter Snow Landscape w Lone Tree

SOLD! Todays painting is called "Soft Snow". I had to laugh when I titled it since we are expecting 12" of snow and a blizzard tomorrow and Wed! As long as the family is home safe and sound, let it snow...

This is an original acrylic on a piece of my antique ceiling tin, framed, ready to hang.

Dec 6 Angus Cows Farm Landscape on Antique Ceiling Tin Framed

I might get off schedule with my daily posting. This time of year there are so many other things going on that it is hard to be consistent with the painting/posting. But I will get back on track in the new year for sure!
This painting is an original acrylic on tin featuring a pasture of angus cattle. To purchase or see larger pics then please click here.

Dec 3 Moon Farm Landscape w Barn Original Painting on Tin

SOLD! Todays painting is for a beautiful night scene featuring a moon, white barn and silo. Lately at nights when I am driving my daughter to swim team I have noticed the big bright moon and it fills me with inspiration! That is why I call this original acrylic on antique ceiling tin "Favorite Moon".

Dec 1 Serene Ocean Beach Seascape People Original Painting

SOLD! I am bringing summer back with this painting (yes, I am missing it!) It is called "Silent Sail" and is an original acylic on wood panel 10x10. I did put a couple of people walking on the beach and some seagulls in the sky. They are so small I forgot about them till