Jan 31 2nd of 2 Daily Paintings Tonalist Serene Landscape

This acrylic painting is 5"x7" and features a serene landscape scene. I am having a blast painting these tonalist landscapes. Please check back often or subscribe to my email for notices of new paintings.

Jan 31 1st of 2 Daily Paintings Hereford Cattle Cows Original Landscape Painting

This painting features a small hereford cattle herd. It is a small 4"x6" and is acrylic on textured masonite. This would be the perfect gift for the hereford collector or cattleman. Please let me know if you have any questions, I appreciate you stopping by!


Jan 30 2 of 2 Daily Paintings Abstract Textured Landscape with Barn

Today's painting is for a little gem. This is 4"x6" acrylic on masonite. All of my paintings are signed and dated with the title on the back. I loaded extra texture in this painting. Feel free to touch it, it is protected with varnish.


Jan 30 Daily Painting Stormy Landscape with Angus Cows

SOLD! This is one of 2 paintings I will be listing today. This is an original acrylic on textured masonite 5x7.

If you would like to purchase this without going through Ebay, please contact me.

Jan 29 Daily Painting Abstract Blue Tree

This auction is for an abstract blue tree landscape. I have been experimenting with this cool palette and thought I would see how a tree would turn out.


Original Painting Black and White Cow 18x24

This entry is not a daily painting but I thought I would share it with you anyway. This is an 18x24 original acrylic on canvas painting. It is now listed on ebay. Have a great day!


Jan 28 Daily Painting Abstract Farm Landscape with Barn "Spring Thaw"

Today's painting is for a beautiful abstracted farm landscape. I love the non-traditional colors to represent the land. This is a 6"x6" acrylic on textured masonite.

Jan 25 Daily Paintings Abstract Farm Landscape with White Barn and Silo

Today's original daily painting is for an abstract acrylic landscape on textured masonite 4"x6". This would fit nicely in a frame with no glass or on an easel. All of my little paintings have the back painted black and are signed in gold with my signature, year and title.


Jan 24 2nd of 2 paintings listed! Painting a Day Tonalist Landscape Fishing Lake

Today's second painting listed is for a serene tonalist landscape of a man fishing, reeling in the last cast of the day. I hope he caught lots of fish! This painting is 5x7 acrylic on masonite.
Thanks for stopping by!


Jan 23 Painting a Day Winter Landscape with Red Cardinals 5x7 $39.50 No Reserve!

Today's painting is for a sweet winter scene. If you look closely you will see a couple of cardinals in the snow. I am sure they are patiently waiting for warmer weather, like me! This is an acrylic painting on textured masonite 5x7. Perfect size for gift giving or collecting! The back is painted black, signed with the title and my signature and year.



Jan 23 Daily Paintings Ocean Beach Scene 5x7

This listing is for a beach/ocean original acrylic painting featuring 2 people watching the awe inspiring ocean. I included a pic, tilted, so you can see all of the texture and interest in this painting.


Jan 22 Painting a Day Spiritual Ocean Landscape "Heavens Door"

I was very pleased with the way this painting turned out. It hits a spiritual cord with me. This is a 5x7 acrylic on masonite.


Jan 22 Painting a Day Original Sunset Sea Ocean

BELOW: see all of the texture?


This listing is for a 5x7 original acrylic on masonite. I have painted the back black and signed it. It would fit nicely into a 5x7 frame without glass or sit on a easel.


Jan 21 Painting A Day Abstract Tonalist Landscape

Today's entry is for a beautiful abstract tonalist landscape. I really love the colors in this little gem of a painting. It is 5x7 acrylic on textured masonite.
I am always experimenting with different color palettes, styles and compositions. The ones I like the best will probably make their way to a larger painting. This one will probably be created at a later date in a large size. A new painting will not be the same as this painting...this is only an inspiration and reference for a new painting.


Jan 19 Painting a Day Yummy Red Cherries

Today's listing is for an original acrylic painting of a couple of cherries.


Jan 18 Painting a Day Sheep Grazing in a Pasture

This listing is for a 6"x6" original acrylic on textured masonite painting. If you like sheep or know someone who does, then this would be the perfect painting! If you would like to bid or see more of my art then please click here.

Jan 18 Daily Painting Trees Abstract Landscape

This listing is for a 5x7 original acrylic on textured masonite.


Jan 17 Painting A Day Bright Pears Original Acrylic Painting

SOLD! Today's painting is for a beautiful still life of 3 pears. This is a 4x6 acrylic on masonite. It can easily be framed without glass or will sit nice on an easel (I painted the back black so the whole painting looks nice).

Jan 16 Painting a Day Farm Landscape Sunset 6"x6'

Today's listing is for a bright, colorful farm landscape. This painting is an acrylic on masonite and is 6"x6".


Jan 15 Painting a Day The Lost Calf, He Needs a Home!

This listing is for an acrylic on masonite 5x7 painting of a little hereford calf who has lost his way. This would be a great gift for the cattleman or someone who collects or loves cows!


Jan15 Daily Painting Beach Ocean Landscape Kid Playing in Sand Sailboat

Today's listing is for a 6x6 textured masonite original acrylic painting of a ocean beach scene. If you like you can sign up for my free email notice when I list another painting. I love to hear your comments and suggestions as to what subject matter you would like to see.


Jan13 Painting a Day Original Acrylic on Masonite 5x7 Angus Cattle in Pasture

Today's listing is for a colorful fall landscape featuring angus cattle grazing contently.


Jan 12 Daily Painting Beautiful Abstract Farm Landscape

Today's listing is for a beautiful abstract landscape of a farm scene. In the background you will see a red barn. This painting is an original acrylic on masonite and is 5x7 in size. I have a lot more art available for you to look at and purchase.

Jan 11 Daily Painting Original Acrylic Abstract Landscape of Trees

Today's entry is a pretty 5x7 original acrylic on masonite painting of stylized trees. I call this painting "Sisters" in honor of my 3 daughters.

Jan 10 Daily Painting Abstract Farm Landscape with Red Barn

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I have listed on ebay this gorgeous abstract landscape painting. It is a personal favorite of mine. It is 6"x6" and painted on gessoed masonite. The back is painted black and signed and dated so it would look wonderful on an easel. Watch for a new feature for my paintings next week.


Jan 9 Painting a Day Black Angus Cattle Grazing in Pasture Picture Original Painting

Today's entry is for a bright original 5x7 acrylic painting of a herd of black angus cattle contently grazing. I love the brillant colors, I never get tired of looking at it. Please be sure to check back often if you are looking for more cattle paintings since I have more on the easel. If you like, you can sign up for a free email from me when I post a new painting.

Did you know that I have been an artist powerseller on ebay for 6 years now?


Jan 8 Daily Painting Abstract Minimalist Farm Landscape Barn $39.50 NO RESERVE!

Todays listing is for a neat 6"x6" abstract minimalist farm landscape. I always apply a texture to my gessoes masonite, sometimes I smooth it down and sometimes I leave the unexpected textures to shine through. I think it makes the painting unique and interesting to look at.


Jan 7 Daily Painting Gorgeous Moonlit and Stars Lake Scene Original Painting

Today's listing is for a beautiful nighttime scene featuring a lake moon and stars. It makes me look forward to next summer when I can hang out by the lake again and be mesermized by the relflections and beauty that God has given me the honor of experiencing!


Jan 6 Daily Paintings Evening Pastures with black angus cow and calf

Today's listing is for a 6"x6" original acrylic painting I call "Evening Pastures". I tried to capture that time of day when the light is low and everything glows. If you look closely you can see a white faced angus cow and calf in the shadows.


Jan 5 Daily Painting Fall Farm Landscape with Red Barns, Silos and Hereford Cattle

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Today's listing is for a 5x7 original acrylic painting of a fall farm scene featuring hereford cattle, red barns and silos. It represents a typical farmstead with a mix of old barns, silos, a corn crib and if I painted the rest of the farm you would probably find a modern machine shed on the property as well. I painted this as a study for a possible larger painting in the future. Keep in mind this is a small 5x7 piece of original art!

Jan 4 Painting a Day Ocean Sea Acrylic Landscape Painting $39.50 No Reserve Toni Grote

This entry is for an original 5x7 painting of a beach scene. The process behind this painting is unique. I always apply a coat of
texture...sometimes I make it smooth, sometimes I leave uneven. After I drew a line (the shoreline) I knew this had to be an
ocean scene. Once I got the land and sea painted I noticed the texture left an indentation which was a perfect size, shape and scale to put a person! That will never happen again, even if I tried. I added another little body and it turned out to look like a child playing in the sand, thus the name of the painting. Thank you and take care!


Jan 3 Painting a Day Abstract Trees Landscape Original Acrylic Painting $39.50 No Reserve!

This listing is for a beautiful painting of a couple of trees in an
abstracted landscape 6"x6". I really love the way this painting turned
out. (I have been painting more trees so watch for my future

I am a very spiritual person and can't help putting
that element into my art. I usually don't mention anything about it but this time I scratched the word "Faith" down at the bottom. It is not real obvious but it is there. (see the closeup pic in my ebay auction, click the link below)

I guess this time of year we make new resolutions and plans to better our lives. I count on faith alot. If there is interest in these kinds of paintings I would be happy to do more such as Hope, Love, Kindness, etc...all the words that make the world go 'round.

This painting has lots of texture, interest and loads of color!SOLD

Jan 2 Daily Painting Original Acrylic Farm Barn Landscape $39.50 No Reserve!

Today's listing is for a beautiful moody farm landscape. It features reflections, a red barn, texture and interest. I have been able to paint a few of these wonderful small landscapes and will be listing them in the following days.

This is painted on gessoed masonite and is 5x7. The small size makes it perfect for gift giving and collecting.If you have any questions or comments I would be happy to hear from you.

May all your dreams come true in 2007!

Jan 1 Daily Painting Watercolor Snowman I Personalize 4 U $14.99!

Hey I am back! I hope you all had a wonderful, safe and loving holiday season. This time of year is extra busy for everyone including me, but I was still hoping I could post a painting a day. Unfortunately it didn't happen. Oh well, that is the way it goes sometimes.

I am starting fresh again with posting on a daily basis. If you would like to get an email notice of the painting for the next day then please sign up in the box on the upper right.

Today's listing is for an ACEO (art trading card size) of a
watercolor snowman. I have left the sign blank so I can personalize it for you with your name or short saying. This painting is a tiny 2.5"x3.5" perfect for gift giving and collecting! If you would like to bid, find more snowmen, or see more samples please click here.
I have more snowmen on sale and you can also order larger ones if you like. You can visit my other blog that features my snowmen at www.snowmanfamilies.blogspot.com (you don't have to go through ebay to order).

I will be listing some more farm scenes and landscape acrylic paintings this week so please check back.

Above is a sample.