Oct 30 Daily Painting Hereford Cattle Grazing

Hello! If you found my blog by way of Google or Yahoo I just want to invite you to check out my other paintings.
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Oct 29 Daily Painting 5x7 Farm Painting Vibrant Colors!

Today's listing is for a beautiful landscape painting with a red barn in the distance. The size is 5x7 and is perfect for gift giving or collecting!
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Oct 27 Daily Painting Landscape Single Angus Cow

Today's listing is for a one of a kind original landscape painting. If you look closely you will see a single black cow resting under the tree.

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Oct 26 Daily Painting Small Abstract Original Painting

Today's listing is for a small colorful abstract landscape. It's size is 8x10 and painted on quality canvas. I included texture for interest and depth.


Oct 24 Daily Painting Winter Farm Landscape free shipping

Today's listing is for a beautiful winter landscape. I love the quiet and serenity you often find in the country. This painting is acrylic painted on masonite and is 5x7.

Oct 22 Daily Oil Painting Hereford Cow & Calf

Today's listing is for an original oil painting of a hereford cow and her calf. This is a nice small size of 5x7 painted on masonite. This would look great on an easel or can be easily framed in a standard 5x7 frame without glass.

Remember Christmas isn't too far away...this would be an ideal gift for the cattleman or someone who collects cows! Why give reproductions when you can give a one-of-a-kind original painting?

Did you know that I have been an artist powerseller on ebay for over 5 years? I have 1678 unique postives from satisfied customers. I have had over 2000 successful transactions on ebay. I really appreciate my wonderful customers and thank them so much for buying my art!


Oct 19 Daily Painting Winter Farm Scene w Barn

Todays post is for a beautiful small acrylic on masonite painting of a barn after the first snowfall. I love the warm colors of the painting, which isn't a traditional representations of winter scenes.


Oct 17 Daily Painting Abstract Landscape

Today's entry is a pretty landscape painting full of color and texture. It is an acrylic on canvas 8x8 and is 1.5" in depth.

Don't forget Christmas is not too far away, this would be a great stocking stuffer!

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Oct 16 Daily Painting Oil Sea Ocean Landscape Toni Grote

Today's listing is for an original oil painting of a sea, beach, ocean landscape on masonite. In the distance you can see a couple contemplating life or picking up seashells, it is up to you as to what they are doing! This painting is 8x10 and should fit any standard 8x10 frame without glass.


Oct 15 Daily Painting White Corn Crib in Winter 6x6

Today's listing is for a pretty winter painting of a white corn crib. I guess it is that time of year when the chilly temperatures start rolling in....I don't like the cold winters but they sure can be beautiful. This painting is an original acrylic on canvas, 8x8.


Oct 14 Daily Painting Antique Vintage Car Cadillac? 5x7 Toni Grote

I decided to challenge myself this weekend and try a complicated detailed piece. I pulled out a photo of a vintage car I took at a car show a couple of weeks ago.

The chrome and details really caught my attention as well as the reflections of the background in the shined up chrome. I am embarrassed to say that I don't remember what model/year the car is. I am thinking it is a cadillac from the 50's. If anyone can id it for me I would appreciate it!

I am going to try and throw in a more realistic complicated piece in the future so keep checking back or sign up for my daily painting info delivered to your via email.


Oct 13 Daily Painting Farm Landscape 5x7 free shipping

Todays listing is for a small landscape featuring a white barn and textured field. The painting is an acrylic on canvas and is 5x7.

Oct 12 Daily Oil Painting Toni Grote 8"x8" Green Pear

I thought I would take a small break from landscapes and offer this small green pear still life study.

This painting is an oil on canvas and is 8"x8". Please check out the rest of my art in my ebay store.


Oct 11 Daily Painting Farm Landscape 5x7

Today's listing is for another small landscape acrylic painting on masonite. There is lots of texture for interest and you canput it in a standard 5x7 frame with no glass.

Check out the art I have for sale in my ebay store. Go to this auction and check under "Meet the Seller". In that box you will find a link to Visit Seller's Store which is Fine Art by Artist Toni Grote. The art in there is a buy-it-now, you do not have to participate in the auction format.


Oct 10 Daily Painting 5x7 Farm Barn Landscape free ship

Today's listing is for a small (5x7) landscape painting with a barn in the distance. This is painted on gessoed masonite with lots of texture.


Oct 8 Daily Painting Red Corn Crib 8x8 $39.50 No Reserve!

This listing is for a striking painting of a red corn crib at night. I love the moody colors and small size, it will fit anywhere!


Oct 7 Daily Painting 8x10 Lake Landscape Toni Grote

SOLD! Today's listing is for a serene little landscape. This painting will take you to a spot where worries are none and relaxation is mandatory! The size is 8x10 and is painted on textured canvas. Thank you!

Oct 6 Daily Painting Ocean Landscape 8x8

Today's listing is for a nice small textural landscape of a water scene. I love the tranquil colors and moody elements.


Oct 4 2006 Daily Painting Bright Farm Landscape 8x10

SOLD Today's painting is for an original acrylic on canvas painting. I love this color palette and textural feel. The paintings on this blog that I have listed and are no longer available when you click on the link have been SOLD. Did you know that I have a proven on-line sales track record with over 1677 postive comments on ebay? Feel free to read the comments left for me by my wonderful customers.

Oct 3 Daily Painting 5x7 Landscape

Today's listing is for another small acrylic on masonite landscape with lots of texture and shiny finish. This one has some moody reds, and browns in it along with a small red barn on the horizon. I love doing these small paintings and hope to do more in the future. They would be perfect for collecting or gift giving. Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it!


Oct 2 Daily Painting Tonalist Farm Barn Landscape 5"x7" 35.00 no reserve!

Today's listing is for a small original acrylic landscape painting. Like I have said before, I am working on a new and exciting series of landscapes. I live in Iowa so many have a farm feel to them but I am also having fun working on sea/ocean scenes plus some abstracts thrown in for fun. The color palettes range from soft and soothing to rich and colorful to dark and dramatic. If you have a comment, please feel free to leave one. I would love to know what my visitors think of my landscapes and which ones are your favorites!


October 1 Daily Painting Tonalist Landscape

Today's listing is for a calm, soothing, tonalist landscape acrylic painting on canvas. Check out my other art for more landscapes! I am working on some that include barns and farm scenes. I live in Iowa after all! This is my favorite time of the year, it is so beautiful and it even hit 90 degrees today!


Sept 30 2006 Original Oil Daily Painting Sheep Lamb 5x7

SOLD Todays painting is a small oil on masonite featuring a mama sheep and her lamb. I used a lot of paint and intensified the colors. It is a fun painting to look at and has a lot of texture to touch. This painting should fit in any 5x7 standard frame.