Oct 14 Daily Painting Antique Vintage Car Cadillac? 5x7 Toni Grote

I decided to challenge myself this weekend and try a complicated detailed piece. I pulled out a photo of a vintage car I took at a car show a couple of weeks ago.

The chrome and details really caught my attention as well as the reflections of the background in the shined up chrome. I am embarrassed to say that I don't remember what model/year the car is. I am thinking it is a cadillac from the 50's. If anyone can id it for me I would appreciate it!

I am going to try and throw in a more realistic complicated piece in the future so keep checking back or sign up for my daily painting info delivered to your via email.



Anonymous said...

This is a lovely rendition of the reflections in chrome and metal. I've been fascinated by such subjects before, in spite of not being a "car person." In fact, I actually painted two vintage classic automobiles last summer, and they have been quite popular, although not purchased yet. You can see the Chevy Belair here , and the 59 Chevy here .
Keep up the beautiful work, Toni. In fact, you may have inspired me to dig out my photographs taken at car shows and try another one!

cheryl meehan said...

wow! beautiful.