January 23 The White Tornado Original Acrylic Painting Farm Landscape

Today's painting is for an original acrylic 6x6 on wood panel ready to hang or sit on your shelf, no frame necessary! To purchase for only $40 with FREE domestic shipping, Please click here

January 22 Stormy Ocean Landscape

SOLD! Here is a great stormy painting 6x6 with free domestic shipping! I love the color and dramatic feel, don't pass it up!

January 21 Beautiful Original Painting "Light of Love" 6x6 Free Shipping!

SOLD! I love light and an inspirational mood to a painting. If you would like to be inspired then check out this little painting for sale at: My Etsy Store

January 20 "Lonesome Tree" Original Acrylic on Wood Panel

Today's painting is for an original acrylic on wood panel 6x6. It is ready to hang or sit on a shelf. I love this pretty little painting, so simple yet to me says so much!

January 18 Original Painting 6"x6" Acrylic "Tornado Pastures"

SOLD! Today's painting is called "Tornado Pastures" and is a smaller size of 6"x6" acrylic on wood panel. This will sit on a shelf or hang on a wall, no frame necessary. I love painting tornadoes but am scared to death of them! If you would like to purchase this painting for only $40 free shipping then please click here: My Etsy Store