Antique Ceiling Tin Framed Original Landscape Painting

We own one of the oldest buildings our town, built around 1897. Above the drop ceiling is a treasure of tin. I found it coincidental that of all of the designs available in vintage tin, my tin had an empty center piece, perfect for painting on!
I have about 1000 pieces of this tin . This series of tin will be treated as a limited edition, they will each be signed, numbered and dated. I am also lucky to have a talented brother (well, I have 2 talented brothers) but one custom makes the beautiful frames for my tins. If you purchase one of my tins you will be buying a piece of history, in limited number, touched by loving hands.
To create a finished piece the first step is that my wonderful husband stands on a tall ladder and patiently dismantles the tin from the ceiling. This is no easy job since each piece is 2 foot by 8 foot! Once it is down I cut it into to manageable pieces and wash it. Next step is to gesso and add texture. Once it is dry then I find inspiration and paint an original painting on it. After it is painted and varnished I frame it with one my brother's custom frame (he is a custom cabinet/furniture builder) and finish the back with backing paper and put on a hanger. To complete the painting I sign, number the new/old piece of art.
After the piece is completed I photograph and list it for all of you to enjoy and for one of you to buy! These paintings look amazing on a is hard to capture the true beauty and uniqueness of the piece with a couple of pictures. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me. I would love to hear your comments!
Please check out my ebay store for more paintings on antique ceiling tin. Check back often since I am always painting on them.


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