April 19 Daily Painting Dramatic Stormy Farm Landscape with Barn

Today's listing is for a dramatic stormy landscape scene. You can see the flash of lightning as it illuminates the surroundings. This painting is 5"x7" and is and original acrylic on masonite ready to frame or put on an easel.



Anonymous said...

Good morning,
I've been viewing your page for several weeks and am very impressed. My son and his wife wife live in Allerton, IA and love the country (they moved there from Denver so he could hunt deer and live in the country). My wife and I live in Travelers Rest, SC at the base of the Blue Ridge Mtns. I love your style and handling of acrylic paint. This painting reminds me of my dads farm in Michigan.
Thanks for the nice blog
Steve Gibson

crystal said...

I am so into your painting with the thunderstorm. I would absolutely love to buy it. Perhaps someday I can contact you and order this picture.