Paintings of Barns with Barn Quilts in Sac County Iowa

Here are 5 of the 8 paintings I have painted for the Sac County Iowa Barn Quilt Association. I am in the process of having notecards made so the group can sell them and keep a portion of the proceeds for fundraising.
They did not commission me to paint these but rather I am doing this of my own free will. I have been working closely with the group however.
I am originally from Sac City so felt a connection to this project and the hard working people of Sac County and was hoping I could do something to help. They need funds to keep making maps and brochures for tourists, (which they have gone through thousands the last few year). Maps and brochures can be expensive for a non-profit group so hopefully my note cards can help a bit.
If you would like to find more information about the Sac County Iowa barn quilts then please click here:

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