Ocean Beach Original Painting with Person Framed

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas and Holiday season!

Today's painting is for an original acrylic on masonite that comes framed ready to hang. There is a lone person on the beach. If you would like to see a closeup pic or bid then please click here.


Art (Bob) said...

Lovely picture. I've lived on the east coast most of my life and have been to many beaches, I curious if you patterned this scene after any place in particular.

Artist Toni Grote said...

HI Bob
I apologize it has taken so long to answer. No, I do not have any specific beaches in mind. I usually start out with a color palette in mind and then let the painting process and texture determine what the final piece will be. I haven't been to the east coast yet, hopefully someday!
Thank you for your interest in my art!