July 18 Minimalist "Quiet Fields" Original Acrylic Painting FRAMED

SOLD Hi Everyone
It is a busy time of year for me. I will be having fun at the cabin this weekend celebrating the annual Lake View Carnival. Then I bravely drive to Omaha on Monday with 4 excited teenagers (girls of course) to see the Jonas Brothers in concert. My youngest daughter and I will be checking out the Old Market in Omaha while they sit?? in their 3rd row seats! We will be staying overnight and coming back on Tuesday. Wed-Sat next week I will be hanging out with my family. My brother and sis in law with their 2 kids will be home from Coeur de lene ID.

I hope to keep up my daily listing but if I miss a few days, you will know why.

Today's painting is for a serene minimalist farm painting. It is an original acrylic on masonite and comes framed with the black frame, ready to hang. If you would like to check out the listing (this link will work July 18 after 7:22 pm pst) please click here.

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