August 6 Serence Calm Ocean Beach Sailboat Painting

SOLD Hi Everyone
Well I took a couple of days off from listing. I had to do some school shopping. Let me tell you, shopping with 2 teenage and one tween girl is NOT my favorite thing to do. But we had some fun and great bonding time. I can't believe how fast this summer is going!

Today's painting is for an original acrylic on masonite. This is something different. My talented brother (who is a custom furniture/cabinet maker) is making me some cradled (with sides) panels for my masonite and wood panels. They are absolutely amazing to paint on. I should be able to paint larger and not require my customers to have to frame anything.
More about these later, he is thinking about selling them too. I will keep you posted.

This painting measures 10x10 and is 2 inches in depth. It can sit on a shelf, table or hang on the wall.

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