Dec 18 Deal of the Day "Beautiful Day" Original Painting Framed

Ironically this painting is called "Beautiful Day". I had to list this one today since it is in such contrast to what we are experiencing here in Iowa. As of now we are experiencing thunder and lightning as it sleets/snows/ice. We are suppose to be north of the expected ice storm but it doesn't look good. I may be off line tomorrow! I suppose this time of year has it's own beauty, I just can't handle the cold!

This painting is a 10x10 framed with a black frame with outside dimension being 12x12. This features a texture summer scene with a barn and silo in the background. If you would like to purchase this one of a kind painting for only $65 including shipping then click on the paypal button.

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nina kuriloff said...

you paint fabulous skies!