July 8 Cows Black Angus Cattle Farm Pond Original Painting

SOLD! Todays painting features a black angus cattle herd in a farm pasture. This is an 8x10 original acrylic on masonite.


Cristina Dalla Valentina said...

Wonderful, what sense of peace it conveys!

Anonymous said...

I love so many of your paintings, but this one is particularly pleasing. The well chosen, soothing palette of colors and excellent composition, conveys a sense of great distance, and the well placed cows and little ponds of water with their lovely reflections, add to the great feeling of serenity in this simple, pastoral scene. Beautiful job blending the greens of the meadow as well as the atmosphere of the crisp, clear sky and delightful clouds.
Would love to sit under that tree in the shade and daydream, watching the clouds float by.

Artist Toni Grote said...

HI Cristina and A
Thanks! One of my fav scenes in the country is a pasture full of cows, it brings my bp down right away! If I am able to capture that scene somehow then that makes me very happy! I am hoping to paint some larger pasture scenes like this soon!