June 29 Original Oil Painting Beach Modern Couple on Beach

SOLD! Ok, I am posting my first OIL painting! I have been busy trying to figure out this new medium. I have a long way to go to achieve juicy, thick brushstokes but I will keep trying. Old ways are always hard to change. I am hoping I will be able to offer larger sizes with the oils. To see a closeup pic or purchase then please click here.


Delilah said...

Oil are very different to work with but why change what is working so well for you. I have always loved your work just the way it was.

Artist Toni Grote said...

Hi Delilah
That is a very sweet comment Delilah thank you! The main reason I want to paint with oils is so I can paint on a larger format. I have tried to paint larger with the acrylics but just find it a struggle. I will probably still offer acrylics, since I do love that medium too (it is like an old friend) but hope to do more large storm/tornado/serene paintings in the near future.