Nov 18 4"x4" Original Painting Stormy Landscape $39.95 Free Ship

I am going to try something different and sell my art on a website that I am setting up which means I will be weaning myself off Ebay. I have sold my art on that site for over 10 years and old habits will be hard to break! I will still have a presence there and if you want to purchase a painting through Ebay, I will still do that for you. I thought I would start with a baby step and list this small painting, Heartland Storm" only 4"x4" with FREE shipping at only $39.95. If you would like to purchase then just click on the Paypal button.


Julie Ford Oliver said...

Another beautiful painting.

Good luck with your new selling approach. It makes a lot of sense.

Artist Toni Grote said...

Thanks Julie! I am hoping to "turn on" people to original art, much better than mass produced prints!

Rose said...

So mysterious! I like that you're getting off Ebay.. I have the same feelings you do about them! :) Hugs!