March 18 Updates

Hi Everyone

Just a note to let you know I am still around! I have been busy with the moving process and haven't gotton much art done. I am setting aside paintings I find for a studio sale when I get settled a bit, hopefully in April.

Everyone take care,



Kathy said...


Glad to know your busy! Can't wait to see new paintings.

Queen*B Studio said...


Your brushes are screaming "I want to paint something!!" LOL hope your move is going smoothly. Can't wait to see some new work!

Anonymous said...

I went through your page on Fine Art America (linked from your blog) and was pleasantly surprised to see from your bio that your are a Cyclone, the same as me.

I have been sketching/painting on occasions during my stay at Iowa State, so it was nice to stumble across the blog of an Iowa State alumnus with some superb paintings. Keep up the awesome work :)

- Pratik