May 29 Daily Painting Framed Abstract Minimalist Landscape

Today's painting is for a striking abstract minimalist landscape. Image size of this painting is 10"x10" and it comes with a nice quality black frame and approximate outside dimension is 13x13.

It is listed on ebay starting at only $65.00. If you are the lucky buyer, I will ship it for FREE as a thank you for your purchase. If you would like to bid or see a closeup pic then please click here.


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Shant said...

I just wanted to let you know I posted a link to your blog the other day ...
We exchanged Links awhile back and I wanted to check in on all the blogs which I have links and see if they are still active. I'm glad to see that you are still writing and Painting.

Good for you! I've always enjoyed your blog!

I am getting near the end of my daily painting commitment ( just 90 more days) of one painting a day for 365 days but will continue to paint everyday, just not posting all of them.

Right now I have a painting on the Saatchi showdown and would like to ask you if you can take a few minutes to vote for me.. (Its kinda like American Idol for Artists)

or my painting rather.. here is the link, it only takes a minute or two

Thanks Again
Shanti Marie